You’ll find a series of pre-set themes, but also a customiser tool that’s akin to jQuery UI’s theme editor. UI kits take the pain out of developing a solution to a design problem. They typically offer both a framework to underpin your layout, and a series of user interface elements to help convey meaning, functionality and user interaction. A UI site is a website that is specifically designed to showcase examples of UI design and provide resources for UI designers.

developing interfaces for web sites

Everything the user wants on this site is at the front of the header. Learn WSGI for no other reason than most of the libraries that will help you build a web application utilize this to some degree. Our analytics platform syncs to your Google Analytics account (not required to start) in just 60 seconds and helps over 250,000k business owners affordably grow their website by showing them how to grow. We offer a free basic website scan and a variety of PRO memberships starting at just $29.99 a month.

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Use paper and pen, or more sophisticated wireframing tools such as balsamiq mockups. I think that if you want your application to be successful, you have to make sure it enables its users to get the most out of it in the most natural way to them. Get something simple up and running that to make sure you understand how things work. The most important part of a user interface, at least for you, is that it determines how easily you can make the program do what you want it to do. If you can’t make it do what you want, your program will be of miniscule value.

developing interfaces for web sites

Naba Zabih is a wedding and elopement photographer who travels across the US and the world for weddings. With the motto “I believe in magic,” Zabih has designed her site to look romantic and dreamlike with an earthy color scheme and script typeface used consistently down the page. On Package Free Shop, it will simply provide the error message that the email address or password inputted is incorrect. The user can either continue trying to guess the combination, or click Forgot Password to reset it.

Step Three

The client was looking for a clean, intuitive interface for a project management app. The attention to continuous improvement in processes and tools meant that by the end of the project our best practices had evolved significantly. The HP MIUR team could have benefited from more extensive training on the Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Application Server products. Design decisions have a political component; they are often compromises between competing forces. Management changes often shift the political balance, re-opening design issues and forcing revisions in partially completed designs.

The deal is you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Check out our collection of web application examples to follow the mainstream and produce quite an impression on the visitors. First, with AI-powered bots and live chats, such fundamental elements of the user interface like FAQ is gradually becoming outdated and irrelevant.


Their focus is obviously on the download, but they incorporate cartoon design and animated graphics alongside the product’s features, using a scrolling approach to walk you through the product’s features. Upon arrival, users are immediately greeted with evocative and dynamic stills of the products on offer. Airbnb has cleverly thought out its copy and used engaging photos and videos to ensure that the interface conveys an emotional tone that helps create a sense of trust between strangers. On the left, instead of getting right into the payment, the page prompts you to “say hello to your host and tell them why you’re coming”. By placing this prior to the payment information, it starts a conversation and connection between the guest and host and further invests the user in the experience.

UI developers must be able to design interfaces that are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. They must have a good understanding of accessibility guidelines and how to implement them. Make your business shine online with a custom interface website designed just for you by a professional designer. We’ve collected some amazing examples of interface websites from our global community of designers.

How do you know if the website UI design is good?

On the left side of the screen, you’ll complete the task in your workspace. On the right side of the screen, you’ll watch an instructor walk you through the project, step-by-step. Wine + Peace is an innovative wine company that strives to connect consumers to the most exciting wines and producers in America. While it ships wines from all over the country, Wine + Peace is limited by direct wine shipment laws in some states. Rather than rely on consumers to navigate to its FAQ page, Wine + Peace features a banner on every page where users can input their zip code to check if the company is able to ship to their areas. You’ll be able to identify any inconsistencies at this stage — maybe you designed a button with rounded edges, and another team member designed it with square edges — and begin identifying patterns.

developing interfaces for web sites

After the job’s done, the customer can review the layout and send you their feedback. If the client is not sure about some aspects of your design, you should change the layout and send it back. This cycle is repeated until the customer is completely satisfied. Despite conventional wisdom, the core part of website development and design is not necessary for the coding process. Indeed, such technologies as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript give the web we know its shape and define the way we interact with the information. Vectr’s drag-and-drop editor is easy to learn, and since it’s cloud-based, it’s easy to share designs with others for feedback and collaboration.

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Beginners can click the Help tab to find information about the navigation, layout, and content of the dashboard, and links to support threads or documentation. When offering a discount, the UX-based footwear store COIX features a hero image on its homepage as well as icons showing the discount amount on its product archives page. It also shows the reduced price on each individual product page so that the user doesn’t have to recall the discount amount or do any math to figure out the new prices.

  • These companies create APIs that provide access to their own data or functions.
  • On the left side of the screen, you’ll complete the task in your workspace.
  • The audio starts in the source, which is then connected to the gain node so the audio’s volume can be adjusted.
  • Therefore, a UI developer deals with the interface’s technical aspects while considering the visuals, creative elements, and ease of use pertaining to websites and applications.
  • UI developers must ensure that the user interface is compatible with different browsers and devices, which requires an understanding of browser quirks and workarounds.
  • On the other hand, templated platforms using pre-made themes and plugins are a perfect solution for simple yet properly working portfolio-type websites.

The style is big and chunky, providing a pleasing antithesis to the current fashion for minimalist, flat design. ‏The simply-named uikit is a lightweight modular framework, developed in LESS. As with all the kits we’re featuring here, the framework includes lots of handy components including navigation bars, buttons, tooltips and modals.

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