binance review

It is an exchange platform which supports the trading of at least 100 digital assets. It is accessible to users in almost every country in the world. Firstly, there are over 1600 crypto trading pairs for you to spot trade.

binance review

This detailed Binance review demonstrates how deep the Binance ecosystem actually is. From trading features to premium plans for institutions and even truckloads of educational resources for the crypto community, Binance has it all. It is notably one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges to actually ask users for desired new features and improvements as part of its dedicated feedback page. Also, if you are a strategy trader or planning to offer specific trading experiences to users, Binance offers API access. This feature is specifically useful for institutions interested in offering advanced trading services concerning wallets, mining, NFTs, staking, and more.

Supported Countries

Complaints about Binance’s verification methods and live chat support have become more common following their shift to compulsory identity verification. This appears to involve unnecessarily long waiting times within the “live chat” function of as long as 12 hours, in many cases without successful assistance or resolution of verification issues. It is unclear whether this is a temporary issue due to high traffic, or a problem that will continue to linger for Binance users.

Most cryptocurrency exchange’s offer rewards for referring friends. The reward may be a flat referral fee or a percentage of future revenues from your friends’ trading activity. On Binance, provide your friends with binance review your Referral Link, Referral Code or QR-Code. You will receive 20 percent of the fee revenue on their trading activity, automatically deposited to your wallet, or 40 percent on accounts with more than 500 BNB.

Mobile App

As of now, there is no customer support care number, but they do have a support portal where you can submit your requests. Scroll down to the “Withdraw” button to select the coin you want to withdraw. While all these features are in place to protect users, malicious intent remains out there, and any exchange can indeed be compromised as it was in 2019. It, therefore, goes back to the idea of only keeping what you can afford to lose on the exchange. The exchange also uses AI and cyber forensics to monitor exchange activities and Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) to authenticate transactions.

binance review

Most exchanges also conduct ID verification to comply with know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) rules. As a repository of client money and personal identification information, exchanges are at a high risk of cyber hacking and theft. The current centralized exchange model provides more advanced features, such as margin trading and stop-loss accounts. The crypto exchange seeks to cater to all levels of investors by providing both a Basic and Advanced trade setup. If you want immediate access to new coins, Binance is where to get hot alt coins.

Binance is crap

Withdrawal of Pound Sterling (GBP) using Bankcard incurs a 1% fee. However, Binance’s security has been called into question in recent years. In 2019, hackers stole $40m worth of Bitcoin along with 2FA user codes and API tokens.

You can send your digital assets to your wallet app (soft wallet) which is a more secure way of storing crypto. More increased security, you can buy a hardware cold wallet to store your coins offline. However, you should always consider moving cryptocurrency off an exchange and into your personal wallet (either hot wallet app or a cold hardware wallet). 1) Binance has extremely low fees, which it can offer because of the huge amount of trading volume and the large customer base it has. The base rate for buying and selling coins on the market is just 0.1%, which can be further reduced.

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